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Student Exchange Forum of BJUT

1. Introduction

This project is a special forum for the communication of students, called Student Exchange Forum of BJUT.

2. Deployment

1. Docker

Pull the docker image:

docker push echo0821/web-methodology

Start this docker image:

docker run -p 5000:5000 echo0821/web-methodology

2. kubernetes

Apply the config:

kubctl apply -f k8s/web-methodology.yaml

3. Test

3.1 Student Account

3.1.1 Registration to verify identity

This is a forum platform for students at Beijing University of Technology, so you need to complete verification to successfully enroll student users.

Only the Student ID, ID and Student ID in the database match the Student ID, ID can complete the student user registration.

Here's the data for you to test registration to verify identity.

StudentID ID
18372301 111111111111111111
18372302 222222222222222222
18372303 333333333333333333
18372304 444444444444444444
18372305 555555555555555555
18372306 666666666666666666
18372307 777777777777777777
18372308 888888888888888888

3.1.2 A Student Account For Test

Here is an student account for you to test.

StudentID Password
84291189 password

3.2 Organization Account

3.2.1 Organization Account Registration

Organizational account registration needs to go through the administrator to review the organization account application information. If the information is true and reliable, the administrator will click the successful application button to send an email to the applicant to represent the success of the registration. On the contrary, the application failure of the mail.

Since the project is not actually deployed online, you need to play the role of administrator on your computer.

Administrator Email Password bjut123456

You need to log in to this mailbox and perform the administrator's action to complete the registration of the user account.

After clicking register success, your registration email will receive an email containing your organization's account information.

3.2.2 A Organization Account For Test

Student accounts can post and second-hand trading information. Organization accounts can post and activity information.

Here is an organization account for you to test.

OrganizationID Password
99999999 password